Course Flexibility, Content Relevancy and Outstanding Academic Support Help University of Phoenix Students Prepare for the Workplace

University of Phoenix was founded on the understanding that the traditional content-driven approach to instruction seen at most colleges and universities was outdated. Students and workers alike required more relevant, context-driven training – as well as more flexible learning options – to succeed in the workplace.

Your boss, family members and friends are all potentially affected by your decision to go back to school, so you can’t leave them out of the equation. If they know what they can and can’t expect from you, it will lessen the blow when you’re inevitably less available than you used to be. As you communicate your needs, give them the chance to do the same. Hernandez recommends working together to come up with a schedule that makes the most sense for everyone.

Now a high school teacher, he shares those memories with his students. His message is that “success is possible; all you have to do is try.” He wants to show them that if he could concentrate on his studies and complete his degree while serving overseas in a volatile and unpredictable environment, they can overcome any obstacle they may face in life. Steer is just one of numerous alumni who attended University of Phoenix while deployed overseas with branches of the U.S. military. The University is familiar with accommodating the unique challenges faced by active duty service men and women, veterans and military spouses.

This has been the driving force behind course and program design at University of Phoenix. The University makes sure that students have access to the materials they need to learn and master skills required for them to join or rejoin the workforce. Class schedules and flexible course options cater to working adults, many of whom work full-time jobs, have children and serve in the military. These individuals are able to choose the courses and classes that interest them so that they can learn and excel in their fields with an accredited degree or certificate that can help them in career advancement.

University of Phoenix developed an easy-to-use student interface that makes it straightforward to navigate between classes, see course and class expectations, find and complete assignments, see grades, make academic plans and more. The academic faculty and student services teams answer student queries quickly, and reviewers have stated that course grading was fair and that instructors marked and returned assignments in a timely manner.

Not only is the faculty made up of experienced professionals and accomplished academics, but the courses also reflect industry trends and needs.  The articles, videos and presentation slides used in classes are relevant to the workplace, and instructors supplement the assigned texts so that students get the most out of their degree.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 as a solution to the widening skills gap seen in today’s workplace. For too long, traditional college curriculums failed to provide students with the resources required to master the skills relevant to industrial needs. Recognizing this fact – and the fact that many full-time working adults are unable to achieve their academic dreams because of a lack of programs offering flexible scheduling – University of Phoenix created a system providing context-relevant skills that students from all backgrounds can learn at their own pace. With world-class instructors and facilities, University of Phoenix has helped thousands of students and workers achieve their academic and career goals.

Learn more about how University of Phoenix can help you excel at work and in life by visiting https://www.phoenix.edu/.

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