Best Things To Do in Athens

Greece is known to a paradise for everyone. Be it singles, couples, family, or friends, Greece serves as one of the best destinations for travels this year. Athens, the capital of Greece is known to be a gem of the country. With its vast and rich heritage, culture, and history, Athens serves as a tourist attraction for many people visiting Greece. If you are also planning to visit Athens, we have many ideas for you to live by. We will list out some of the best places and things you can do in Athens. If you want to rent a room in Athens, go to vacation saga and chose Athens at your location to find one of the most amazing Greece vacation rentals at your disposal.

1. Monastiraki Neighborhood-

A solo traveler, couples and friends, all love this neighborhood equally. The area is filled with packed rooftop bars, markets, and ancient heritage sites for visitors. You can go there by metro, which will land you in the most picturesque and insta worthy square of Greece. You can shop in the ancient flea market, or visit those antique and handicraft shops in the alley. After a day full of shopping, you can sit at some rooftop bar and enjoy the amazing view of the acropolis from there.

2. Acropolis-

We don’t think there is a  need to mention this, but anyway. Acropolis is the gem of Athens, being one of the most iconic sites in the world. Centered on the top of a rocky mountain, this 2500 years old heritage monument is a must-visit in Athens. Acropolis serves as the crown of Athens, and it can be seen in various restaurants, cafes, and shops. You can also choose to rent a room in Athens with a city view including the acropolis. The Parthenon temple which is dedicated to the goddess Athena, after which the city is named, is also located near the acropolis. 

3. Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre-

This cultural center is the most fun way to spend your day if you are with your family or kids. The 170,000 square meters parkland is filled with amazing experiences such as gardens, cafes, an eco-friendly glass complex, a manmade river, playgrounds and so much more. There is a new national library of Greece built inside it. All the cafes and other places give a great view of the acropolis, which makes it even more worthy to visit here. Your kids are going to love this place, and if you want to make this trip memorable for them, make sure to put this center on your list. You can find various Greece vacation rentals nearby this cultural center.

4. National Garden-

These national gardens were commissioned by Queen Amalia. She was the first queen of Greece. It was built in 1838 and completed in 1840, two years later. Can you imagine? two years for a garden. The gardens are spread over a vast land of 16 hectares, with many paths, ponds, and a small zoo also. In the zoo, you can find chickens, peacocks, and Greek goats. If you want a break from the monument hopping, you can visit and enjoy your day at these national gardens. There are many places where you can enjoy brunch Athens style near these gardens.

5. Museum of Cycladic Art-

If you are into art and history, this place is a must-go for you. The museum hosts more than 3000 artifacts related to Cycladic and Cypriot origin from the times of ancient Greece. There are statues that date back to the bronze age as well. There are various sculptures and figurines including Greek art collections over here. The weapons, vases, and other artifacts displayed here are grouped under the common themes of ‘World of Women’, ‘Eros’, ‘the underworld’ etc. You will find yourself immersed in the rich art and history of Greek when you visit this beautiful museum.    

6. Lycabettus hill-

It is one of the highest areas in Athens, you can get there by hiking up a forested slope. You can also choose the cable car if you don’t want to hike your way up. If you want the amazing views of the city, this is the place for you. There is a church called St.George church, the white walls of which will amaze you. There are various cafes and fine dining restaurants on the terrace of this city. During the summertime, concerts are also organized in this area. You can visit this for some cultural fine dining experience with majestic rooftop views of the city underneath.

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