4 Award-Winning Flower Shops In Brisbane for Elegant Gifts and Events

Filled with some of the world’s most incredible wonders, Australia can never be on the bottom of the list when it comes to natural beauty. Brisbane, its third largest city, is one of the country’s best treasures without question. Its weather is a sought-after aspect that makes it lovely for human life and amazingly, also for plant and flower life. 

That is absolutely one of the reasons why Brisbane houses a great deal of flower species which can be found only in it and which can grow best in it. When you are in Brisbane, you’d want to get some of these unique blooms for yourself, for your loved ones and for your special occasions! Great thing, this diverse city has diverse arrays of stores that showcase and sell fresh flower bouquets for everyone who is celebrating something important, is remembering someone or is just feeling like wanting posies.

What are you looking for in a florist shop? Besides affordability and responsiveness, of course, stylishness, mastery and reputation have great points. You want your flowers the way you want them, and you look forward to receiving suggestions from experts on how to make them more alluring. There are a lot of options, but if you are searching for splendid and reputable choices, you have to check this list below! 

Here are 4 award-winning flower shops in Brisbane for your elegant gifts and events. Know why they are widely acknowledged and why you can count on them too!  


STALKS AND STEMS - flower shops in Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – STALKS AND STEMS

With the goal to diffuse happiness through creating bouquets that delight hearts, Stalks and Stems always does its best to give the best to its clients. Being voted Best of Brisbane for flowers across all of Brisbane in 2019 is an evidence of their hardwork and dedication!

Stalks and Stems take pride in every arrangement tailor-made for each customer’s need. They make sure to produce something different, something exclusive and one of a kind to exceed buyers’ expectations. As the owners and staff themselves said, Stalks and Stems know the language of flowers. They see to it that the feelings that customers want to extend through flowers can indeed be extended through their arrangements that impress everyone. 

Located in Woolloongabba, Stalks and Stems is surrounded by cozy cafes and restaurants where you can drop by while waiting for your requests to be done. On the other hand, if you don’t have much time to visit the physical store, Stalks and Stems also happily accepts same-day delivery orders throughout the whole week. You can rest and wait assured that your flower bouquets will safely arrive to you because of their smart deluxe wrapping technique to secure the blooms while on the road. 

STALKS AND STEMS - flower shops in Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – STALKS AND STEMS

They are doubtlessly artistic when it comes to formulating how flowers should be presented. Stalks and Stems amps up its floral creations by adding catchy botanical elements that clients will surely adore! They have flowers for all seasons and occasions! Their plant products include potted plants, terrariums, boutonnieres, wedding bouquets, floral headpieces, table centerpieces, corporate floral designs and more. Aside from these, they have homewares, hampers, cards and gifts locally and internationally sourced.

Delicate Pastel Blooms, She’s A Wild One, You Are My Sunshine! and Lady Marmalade are some picks for birthday flowers! Contact Stalks and Stems to know more or directly pop in a visit if you are in Brisbane. 


THE LUSH LILY - flower shops in  Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – THE LUSH LILY

Made up of kind professionals in floristry, The Lush Lily is always ready to assist you in sprucing up your life’s milestones by bringing your floral wishes to life. You will enjoy the process and the products!

Situated in Carindale, The Lush Lily is popular for its ornate and avante-garde floral styles. No wonder, it is one of the prime designer florists in Brisbane. Their first-rate blooms are hand-picked to personalize celebrations by their custom-made arrangements. Each client is to experience greatness in The Lush Lily; they do not plan to ever dishonor quality. 

THE LUSH LILY - flower shops in Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – THE LUSH LILY

Their floral selections are vast. Moreover, they have glasshouse candles, dried flowers, silk flowers, fragrance diffusers, hand cream and wash, shower gels and more.

Wanting to say “thank you” through flowers? Check out Winnie, Summer, Prada, Nahla, Angelina, Adelaide and Cleo. They are just some of The Lush Lily’s blooms that will help you make that gratitude shine brighter! 

If you need budget-friendly pieces, this store has them. If you want luxurious bouquets, The Lush Lily won’t say no. Be ready to get something worth your money!


DIVINE FLOWERS - flower shops in  Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – DIVINE FLOWERS

A florist shop in Newmarket Road, Wilston does not know mediocrity in their floral creations. They always aim and achieve superb work for all their dear clients who deserve nothing but excellence! Divine Flowers is the name to not forget! 

With a rich and long history of making captivating flower arrangements, the owners of Divine Flowers are dedicated to converting plain spaces to peculiar ones. They have been operating since 1993 and have been acclaimed as Southeast Queensland’s leading blooms boutique and floral design enterprise. Residential areas know of this store, but hospitals in and out of the city are also among this florist store’s patrons.

Going for what’s distinct and stunning, Divine Flowers want every client to receive their orders with a fluttering heart and dropping jaws. Special occasions are made even more special by their striking arrangements.

DIVINE FLOWERS - flower shops in Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – DIVINE FLOWERS

Divine Flowers’ blooms are grown locally, fresh daily, set up carefully and wrapped delicately. You may avail of their imported flowers as well. If you want your flowers for personal decoration or for presents placed in pots and tubs, many of their floras are specifically modelled for vases. That presents big convenience to you because you don’t have to worry about being picky in choosing jars; these helpful experts are there to guide you. Your blooms will not just be presented prettily but will also last long. For riskless delivery, a water bag and paper go with the plant secured in a box. 

Creative and inventive ideas keep Divine Flowers producing remarkable floral designs. They have seasonal flowers, posh indoor plants and exotic leafage. Choices include Oriental Lily Wrap, Terrarium Garden, Phalaenopsis Orchid Stems, Spray Rose Wrap and Hyacinths. Another heartwarming thing about Divine Flowers is that they happily share key flower care and plant care tips to their buyers and potential clients. What a good heart indeed!

Besides fragrant flowers, homeware are sold here as well. They include the Selangor Palm Jar, Blair Vase, Breathe Bud Vase, Jute Oval Wall Mirror, Periwood Trinket Box, Rattan Round Weave Tables, Kojo Handled Baskets and more. These just make shopping and gifting even more exciting!


MAISON FLEUR - flower shops in Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – MAISON FLEUR

Spend moments magically by weaving memories that will clearly be remembered. Have your floral arrangements done by Maison Fleur! With two stores in Brisbane, one on Margaret Street and the other on Queen Street, Maison Fleur is a famous name in the florist field. 

Offering same-day deliveries in Brisbane, their goal is to distribute the freshest blossoms to their clientele, both in residential places and commercial establishments. Maison Fleur’s elegant arrangements truly stun anyone who sees them! They are noteworthy and perfect for all your cherished moments.

MAISON FLEUR - flower shops in Brisbane
Photo credit: Facebook – MAISON FLEUR

From formal events to casual get-togethers, Maison Fleur sprinkles fineness to beautify every single event. They wrap flower bouquets as you please or place them in refined vases as you like. Furthermore, you can purchase a bottle of French champagne or a local wine to add as a gift. Maison Fleur’s black gift boxes paired with their branded ribbons are so sophisticated! 

Is it for an anniversary? Cream Rose Wrap, Alba, Belle, Lisianthus Wrap, Pink Darling and  Apricot Rose Wrap are just some of the outstanding choices for you! 

They call their creations “phenomenal”. Locally grown and sourced are their flowers and plants. Designers in Maison Fleur are adept in the craft. The 2019 World Cup of Floral Design and the Australian Florist of the Year are awards received by this business’ owner; the latter was attained five times! Just wow! Decades of experience make Maison Fleur without a doubt worth every customer’s time. They never settle for less, always for the best! 



Definitely, giving flowers to someone remains a classic way to convey your regards, support and love! These blooms just make anybody smile whatever time of day it is. They’d make you want to book your flights to Brisbane in no time! Locals and tourists fall in love with Brisbane’s blooms, and that cannot be denied. These creations are nature’s gifts always worth caring for!  

The above-mentioned are just some of the must-visit prize-winning flower shops in Brisbane that offer and provide dashing greens and floras. And the options are wider than you think. That is just one of the proofs of how this Australian city is truly filled with multitalented people and embraced by nature’s grace.



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