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Everything you need to know about eClinicalWorks EMR

The world has been going through the process of evolution all the time, with literally everything evolving, ranging from lifestyle, fashion, technology, hygiene, germs, and much more. We as humans have a very adaptive nature, and our bodies tend to adapt to these changes surely but slowly. The rapid changes in the environment have also sped up the adaptation process.

Industries are adapting with incorporating different ways of work and technology, cutting down labor-intensive tasks, and adapting by using machines and robots. In this digital day and age, the most significant change we have seen is technology. Technology has changed people’s lifestyles, and similarly, it has played a considerable role in the Healthcare industry. 

The introduction of EHR systems has led the industry to change its ways and adapt to the new and fast environment. Going digital in this digital day and age is the smartest decision healthcare professionals are taking. The digitization process of the administrative and clinical tasks is mostly being implemented through EHR software. The EHR software industry has been flourishing with new vendors and companies coming up with top-notch features and efficient work engines to work on. One such EHR software is eClinicalWorks EHR software. We have shortlisted everything you need to know about this top-rated EHR software. 

eClinicalWorks EHR Software

eClinicalWorks EHR Software, also popularly known as ECW, is a complete EHR software solution for healthcare professionals to adapt to this fast-moving industry. The Software offers exceptional and top-notch features that help healthcare professionals to manage and run their practices with ease and comfort. The software has been servicing its users for quite some time, assisting them by providing them new features and updates just to make their experience better. The software helps users go digital by storing all their essential data online on a centralized system. 

eClinicalWorks EHR Software Features 

EHR Software

eClinicalWorks offers its users a complete Electronic Health Records system that helps them store patient data online. Having patient profiles online on your system helps you save time and space within the practice. The data is kept secure and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized personnel. The EHR software helps practitioners to eliminate paper and also save on overhead labor costs. Keeping and maintaining paper-based physical records use up a lot of time, also can be a cause of a hazard, and in case of a hazard, all data could be lost all at once. 

Practice Management

The software not only offers EHR software that manages your clinical needs but, the software also helps users administratively with its practice management software. The practice management software helps Healthcare professionals by allowing them to invest more time in patients and their healthcare service, by giving them the comfort of all documentation and clinical functions being managed properly. 

Revenue Cycle Management

ECW also offers a complete solution for managing your daily, monthly and annual revenue by creating a track record at all times of all finances, receivables, and also payables. The RCM module helps users in reducing the number of times practices are reimbursed as the software sends automatic reminders to its clients. This way now, you do not even have to feel bad for asking for your own money. 

The RCM module helps users manage finances better, due to which they can enhance their profitability and liquidity of the business. 


The world is shifting online. The software offers a platform that helps you communicate with your staff, colleagues, and even patients through the internet and on online platforms. The software offers its users apps that are compatible with smartphones, tablets, Windows PC and even MAC or Apple devices. 

eClinicalWorks can be deployed online on a cloud-based system also on a fixed system. However, the cloud-based system is cheaper, easy to install, and also easy to update. It also offers users remote functionality as they can easily access important, needed data at all times. 

Patient Portal

eClinicalWorks also comes with a patient portal that allows users to easily stay in touch with their doctors. They do not have to visit the clinic by setting appointments on a regular basis just to ask a few questions. They can easily do that through the portal. Moreover, patients can easily share documents such as pictures, test results, and much more. This allows users to examine patients better through the portal during their TeleVisits. 

These are some of the highlighting features of eClinicalWorks EHR Software. To seek more information visit FindEMR, and find the best-suited EHR software for your practice.     

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