Virtual trade show organizers and its types

As technology thrives, it has allowed organisations to grow at a rapid speed. Businesses are now able to make the most out of innovative methods to optimise their resources and maximize profits. In layman’s terms, they now are able to make more money than ever before!

Virtual events have become the key to transform the entire landscape of qualified lead generation. Infact, reality and rumors, both have it- these events will soon become gigantic. So, remain seated to learn more about what the hype is all about.


A virtual trade show is an event that takes place online over the internet which requires no physical presence. It allows every interested individual to attend the virtual show over the internet from their remote settings. Virtual trade shows are similar to a traditional show but instead of physical presence and execution, the event takes place virtually thus delivering an immersive experience to all the attendees.

There are some major perks in the format of virtual trade shows such as expanded reach, by enabling anyone in the world to attend the trade show over the internet at their comfort. Some of the other merits are the elimination of gigantic travel bags and expenditure of large sums of money for traveling and stay, the flexibility one may get from physical trade shows is not compromised but is improvised because of virtual booths.

Virtual trade shows have started to become a trend and are observed increasingly day by day. Geographical barriers, limited reach; higher expenditure and tedious planning/organising are some of the problems which can be eliminated by virtual trade shows.

Virtual trade shows do not require the level of planning and organising required by a traditional trade show. Since the trade show is carried out virtually numerous expenses (traveling, accommodation, event props, venue, technical staff, food, and drinks) are reduced considerably.

Virtual trade shows are beginning to become the ‘go-to’ choice for leading exhibitors because of their numerous benefits. All these reasons make virtual trade shows a ‘preferred’ choice among big enterprises.

Let’s take a look at types of virtual trade shows:


  • Food shows conducted virtually have started becoming the new trend. Contrary to traditional food shows, virtual food shows have unlimited reach since anyone from anywhere in the world can attend the show at the comfort of their own home. Apart from a wider reach, people can also place real time orders and network with global dealers, suppliers, distributors, etc. via live chats.
  • By conducting a virtual food show the brand visibility can be increased. Since the venue is no longer physically limited, it allows sponsors and other participants to showcase their products and offerings to the global audience. An online presence is required to diversify the reach of the brand/organisation.
  • By switching to virtual food shows most of the initial setbacks can be overcome such as connection with providers, showcasing the product in front of a large audience and building an entire distribution channel. All these setbacks are now solved at the comfort of your home/office.
  • Numerous organizations and exhibitors prefer virtual events because of their bang for a buck quality. Traditional food shows require ample amounts of revenues for a list of things ranging from renting venues, arranging food and drinks, booking accommodation, etc. On the other hand, virtual food shows can save all such hassle and provide incredible cost-efficiency.
  • Products required to be shelved in a traditional food show are no longer needed with virtual food shows. Inability to deliver bulk orders even after having bulk inventory was a major setback. A virtual food exhibition allows you to showcase a gigantic list of products/services without having to rack them up at your event. Later, as per the demand and the purchase orders, exhibitors can provide visitors with the necessary products, without worrying about shelving too many or too few items. A virtual food show doesn’t need the seller to rack up their inventory for display and thus any order placed can be fulfilled straight away.
  • The live chat feature offered by the virtual event platform helps in creating and sustaining connections with leads and purchasers. You can have real-time conversations at virtual booths via live text, audio, and video.


  • Hosting an appealing virtual product launch event enables you to showcase your product offerings to a wide spectrum of attendees instantly. Interactive features with easy-to-understand mechanics for the visitors to educate themselves about your eye-catching product and circulate your brand/product name in future conversations via chat forums, webinars, polls, and videos on demand.
  • Virtual product launch enables you to engage with your customers and attendees to improve the circulation of the name of your product. However, with virtual launches, you can quickly resolve the visitor’s queries and questions.


  • Another virtual trade show type is virtual motor show which can boost engagement, allow you to have a simple yet real-time conversation and monetise participation with an ascetic virtual event that enables businesses to showcase their best out of best offerings to car enthusiasts from every corner of the world.
  • Hosting virtual motor shows offer a list of endless advantages. Here’s a list of benefits offered by virtual auto shows:

-Virtual motor shows or car shows allow you to enhance your event reach and allure a wide range of a global audience.

-Virtual auto shows enable you to boost your engagements at the event and track real-time data.

-The show also helps you monetize your event.

  • The hybrid virtual auto expo enables you to have one-on-one conversations with clients. The platform also encourages agents to promote their latest product offerings. The live chat features offered by the platform allow exhibitors and attendees to network seamlessly while having uninterrupted conversations.


Many businesses have broken the barriers with an immersive virtual exhibition fair. It helped them generate a lot of better leads and prospects engagement which were never easy before. Virtual exhibitions bridge the gap between exhibitors and exhibitions. However, it enables exhibitors and audiences to partake from every part of the globe.

  • Virtual exhibition fair facilitates you to impress the attendees with beautiful, customizable virtual booths. However, virtual fairs will make exhibitors’ offerings shine at your event.
  • The virtual exhibition offers enormous sponsorship opportunities as sponsors and exhibitors are more willing to participate in virtual fairs to reach a wider audience segment thus resulting in generating more qualified leads.
  • Carry out seamless two-way communication between the exhibitors and the prospects visiting their booths via meaningful, real-time conversations.

Over to you

Virtual trade shows offer numerous possibilities for marketers, businesses, exhibitors, and organizers. It has allowed most businesses to showcase their offerings to a vast spectrum of audiences nationally and internationally. It not only helps in keeping the environment safe and clean but also lets businesses maximize their leads and gain profits as well. Going virtual is becoming the new trend and if you have not yet hosted a virtual trade show, now is the time to think about it. Simply book a demo and get started!

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