Top 6 Reminder Apps for Android That You Should Get

It is not easy to juggle your personal and professional lives simultaneously. And considering how busy your schedule remains throughout the week, staying organized and productive can become a challenging task. Plus, not to forget about distractions! It can very easily lead you off course of whatever it is that you want to do. Therefore, setting reminders is a life-saving option in such circumstances. If you own an Android phone then, fortunately, there are multiple apps that you can use to set reminders. This article is focused on the best applications that you can get from Google Play Store that will would help stay on track. So, without any more wait, let’s Start!

#1. BZ Reminder

This to-do list app is really simple to use. All you have to do is set the reminder and it will let you know when it’s time. It comes with different features like you can color-code tasks. Also, it can set reminders for you to do different things such as drinking water. It also has a simple calendar included. The app is not complex and has a user-friendly interface.

#2. Calendar Notify

This is not your ordinary calendar app. This tool can easily sync with Google Calendar so you have access to both. Calendar Notify gives you a quick view of your schedule and agenda. You will also find different widgets within this app. It will also allow you to do customization of features if required.

#3. Todoist

As the name suggests, it is a to-do list and reminder app. Todoist is widely popular all over the world and is used by tens of thousands of people every day to plan, organize and collaborate on different projects no matter how big or small. Users can very simply create and organize their tasks in the application. It also has a very useful reminder feature which would make sure that you don’t forget about due dates or deadlines.

#4. Remember the Milk

It is one of the best-known and oldest applications in this category. The app makes sure that you don’t forget to do your daily errands. You can add as many tasks in the app as you want and can prioritize them accordingly. It will give you reminders through different ways including email, Twitter, IM, mobile notifications, and text. You would also be happy to know that Remember the Milk can integrate with Evernote, Google Calendar, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and IFTTT.

#5. Any.Do

It is yet another useful app that is trusted by many people across the globe. It is not just a task scheduler but also a reminder tool that would help you in organizing your schedule. The reminder function in this app comes with a sound. This means that when it is time, the app would alert you with a sound that you can choose. Also, you can even set reminders with your voice. How cool is that?! What’s more? You can even set location reminders, recurring reminders, and one-time reminders.

#6. TickTick

This is an extremely useful app that could help you balance your work and personal life. It not only helps you with reminders but gives you the option to schedule and manage time as well. The app also contains a special feature called Smart Date Parsing. What this feature does is that the date you enter would automatically set as the due date for task reminders. In addition, this application has Pomodoro Timer which would enable you to start a 25-minute of focus session.


And there you have it! These are some of the Android apps that will make sure that you never miss a deadline again. Such apps are really important for those who often forget about things such as me. I remember when my friend told me how economical Spectrum internet prices are, it always slipped my mind to check them out and yes, the other Spectrum offers too. How can we skipped other services. So, I used the help of todoist to remind me to visit the company’s site before I finally subscribed to their service. Therefore, if too tend to forget about things then trying a few of the above-mentioned apps will certainly help!  

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