improve Your Brand Identity by Redesigning Your Logo

A brand owner and marketer can seamlessly understand the importance of logo redesigning when it comes to revamping your brand. Revamping your brand means you change or modify the appearance of the business by introducing new designs of logo and stationery/ packaging into the business practice, and may even revamp your website. That’s about it! A brand revamping rarely ever has to do anything with the launch of new products but it is always about the existing designs. 

Below are five you should consider on how to redesign your logo for improving brand identity. 

5 Logo Redesigning Points to Improve Your Brand Identity

Is it the Right Time?

The first point you should consider is whether it is the right time to redesign your logo to improve your brand identity. You can judge whether it is the right time or not by looking into the aspects mentioned below. 

Look into sales to determine whether you are attracting a new audience or not. decreasing traffic on websites and status quo in sales means that your business identity is not attracting new audiences. Often when a company’s logo is outdated, the audience skips the business for the lack of attractiveness. If the audience is not exploring your business you are less likely to convert them into customers. 

Did you design your logo during a trend? If yes then it’s certainly time to redesign your logo. Trends are not evergreen but seasonal and don’t last more than a year. However, trends have a powerful influence on the logo designing industry and designers often give in to the trends. So, if your logo was designed inspired by a trend, there is a huge possibility that the trend has outgrown the existing market and needs to be replaced. 

Ask your audience or do a survey to know where your existing logo stands. Audience feedback is valuable when it comes to logo redesigns. Through the audience, you can know how the logo is perceived in the market and gather information on how many changes you need to make. Additionally, you can gather great ideas from the audience and if the audience brainstorming helps, it can attract more loyalty. 

Avoid Making Massive Changes:

Redesign your logo means modifying the several elements of the logo rather than renewing every element. While making massive changes in your logo you are risking the brand association with the audience. Remember, your target audience is not always tech-savvy and up to date with our social accounts. There is a possibility that your audience missed the revamped on the internet and are now unable to recognize your brand in the market. Keep the relevant bits of logo that aim at the association with the audience, so the new look is recognizable by the majority in the market. 

Remember logo redesign means modifying your logo, and not renewing the entire visual representation. 

See What is Missing From the Existing Logo:

Logo redesign is a chance to undo and redo aspects of a logo that aren’t cherished a lot. The initial logo will always lack something when it comes to the visual presentation. It is only with time that we gain the perspective of what is lacking in our existing logo. Your logo must grow with your company practices. Take the redesigning opportunity and consult custom logo designing services to know what your logo is missing. When consulting an expert, be sure to mention what elements you do not wish to change as a part of the association so that recommendations are made accordingly. 

Change The Tagline: 

With logo redesigning you are revamping your brand identity so why stick to the old tagline? The tagline below the logo is also known as the sub-mark logo. The sub logo mark is either compatible with the company’s value or the visual image. You can also say that the sub logo mark is the motto of the company. 

The sub logo mark should be short, concise, and catchy that can be combined with the logo on almost every print. For example, Nike is a well-known brand for sportswear and promotes motivation, physical well-being through exercise and sportsmanship. Targeting it all at once the company logo is “just do it”.

Additionally, for example, if your business is concerned with caffeine you can come up with taglines such as “the day begins’ ‘, “here and now”, “get going” etc. The sub logo mark would not instantly rhyme with your business name. However, it’s always growing in your business as long as it is relevant. 

Create A Hype:

One of the reasons that companies redesign their logo is to attract a new audience. Since logo modifications are not for an internal cause it does require a hype to alert your audience. If you are hiring a complete custom logo designing services for the purpose then it’s only fair to market it as well. The first marketing you will do is on your social media accounts. To spread the message further like a wildfire, invite social media influencers and tech bloggers who would report about your business and new initiative. Additionally, once the logo is rolled out, through PR you get praise as well as critique from the tech influencers. 

Certain businesses momentarily pay for the shoutout and other send product hampers with their new logo printed on them. You can also invite press releases to the final release however, the exposure might below depending on the target audience. Create a marketing strategy a few months before the final reveal of the logo to avoid any last-minute blunders 


So, you have read how you can redesign your logo to improve your brand identity but do you understand how logo redesigning improves the brand?

Logo designing provides your brand with a fresh look that is aligned more with the current values of the audience. Additionally, creating hype about your business’ new logo will attract a new audience towards your business. A logo redesign can be more modern, classy and is a chance to rectify your previous logo blenders. 

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