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Pressley Stutts South – Passed Away | South Carolina Republican Chairman, Pressley Stutts, from Greenville, is dead. He kicked the bucket from confusions of COVID 19 in the early long stretches of Thursday, August 19, 2021.

He kicked the bucket from Covid, one month in the wake of presenting this image on Facebook.

Pressley Stutts Age

Pressley Stutts brought into the world on February third, 1957; kicked the bucket on August nineteenth, 2021. He was 64

As indicated by reports, he was an Anti-vax, in the wake of coming out openly to challenge antibody and cover commands.

“Pressley Stutts. Chief Committeeman of the Greenville County, South Carolina, Republican Party. Stutts has derided science, taunted immunizations, ridiculed covers, and kidded about counterfeit antibody cards”

“South Carolina QGP Party pioneer Pressley Stutts continually derided against antibodies and veils. He even kidded about making counterfeit immunization cards.”

“A South Carolina province Republican Party pioneer only passed on of COVID-19. He purportedly habitually went to against cover and hostile to antibody dissents, his FB page is loaded with conservative mis/disinformation about COVID, and he’d as of late taunted the Delta variation.”

“Pressley Stutts has kicked the bucket of Covid in the wake of empowering others to dismiss the immunization and covers. He fought in the roads when Kamala Harris talked in SC. This is karma.”

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