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Lois Hanna Missing – Lois Hanna Found dead | Lois Marie Hanna, age 25, vanished on July 4, 1988, from Kincardine, Ontario. At the hour of her vanishing, she gauged 120 lbs and stood 5’4″ tall. The night prior to her vanishing, Lois Hanna had gone to the “Celebrate in ’88” reasonable in the town of Lucknow, which is situated around 36 km from the town in which Hanna lived. This course ought to have taken around 30 minutes or so to drive. Hanna left the Lucknow dance around 11:45 PM, saying she must be up to go to work in the first part of the day.

It is affirmed that she showed up home that evening, as her red Pontiac Grand Am was stopped before her home the following day. Specialists gauge she showed up home around 12:15 AM that morning, which is with regards to the time required to travel among Lucknow and Kincardine.

The following morning, Lois Hanna had not displayed for the job at a dress store, and a stressed representative visited her home and thumped. There was no answer. Expecting that Hanna was in trouble, the representative tracked down an opened window and crept inside.

The house was vacant. Hanna’s handbag and keys were abandoned, her garments from the prior night were conveniently hung, and the TV was on. A half-completed cup of new tea was abandoned on the kitchen counter. It has not been archived if the tea was hot or cold.

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