Qualities of a Good Engagement Ring

When it comes to an engagement ring, details matter the most. One of the most important decisions one has to ever make in life is while selecting an engagement ring for his/her fiancée. The choice you make should be based on your partner’s personal style and also your commitment to one another. Though there are countless choices, learning more about how to select the right engagement ring can help you make a decision. Start by familiarizing yourself with the key qualities of an engagement ring. This will ensure the respective suitor to find the perfect ring within the estimated budget.

 Here are a few of the striking qualities to be kept in mind while buying an engagement ring:

  1. Ring style:

It is important to choose a ring that matches your partner’s style. The key elements are the size of the precious stone embedded, as well as the style and metallic options for the setting.  The shape is an important aspect that helps determine the overall look of the ring. While most engagement rings feature the classic round diamond, several other shapes often known as fancy cuts, are available to choose from. Princess diamonds, for example, are more angular, square like shape. Oval and pear-shaped diamonds have an extended size and the fingers appear narrower.

  1. Setting:

Another important aspect of an engagement ring is the setting on which the gem is mounted in a metal structure. With setting, both design and material of the ring come into play. In fact the classic and most popular moissanite  engagement ring style is solitaire, a ring that features one centred diamond. This immensely elegant choice can be further enhanced with the addition of accent diamonds, or with a basket or trellis setting to further enhance the diamond. Another popular option is a spacious setting, which adds continuous rows of stones on either side of the centre diamond. Another of these is a bezel setting that gives the ring a fresh and modern look. In all cases the setting must match the size of the diamond to achieve the desired look.

  1. Precious metal options

 When choosing a setting, it is important to choose the precious metal that your partner may like. Often, a person will give a clue about what kind of element they might be fond of by incorporating a precious gem in their daily wear, or stones that has sentiments attached to it. This can be the same for an engagement ring for women who mostly wear gold. For those women who prefer pink the rose gold engagement ring can do the trick. White gold and platinum  engagement rings are similar in their bright silver appearance, yet platinum works well for women who may be allergic to gold or nickel. Platinum, currently the most popular option, is more durable. Once you have established what kind of ring your partner will like, it is time to look at the quality of the diamond or any other precious gem decided by you and your partner.

To offer the most special person in your life with the perfect engagement ring, the key factors should always be kept in mind. In order to ensure a happy journey, one must ensure a happy and prosperous start to the journey with the help of an ideal engagement ring.

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