Models of women’s jeans 2021: new items and trends

Today, denim fashion breaks all popularity records. However, as well as last season, and the year before last … The relevance of jeans has never been questioned since the time when the practical pair migrated from the working class to the trendy street style. Since then, we have not crawled out of the rebellious pants. But this does not mean that jeans remain the same from year to year. Sometimes a beloved couple changes beyond recognition, but still remains adored by fashionistas.


We are incredibly lucky. If in the 70s only flared was quoted, and in the 80s they covered mom-jeans to holes, by the way, these same holes became the standard of denim fashion in the 90s, today we have maximum opportunities. No problem with how to choose jeans. In trend:
  • classic pipes;
  • relaxed boyfriends;
  • eccentric flare;
  • universal narrow-wearers;
  • stylish mom jeans;
  • wide palazzo jeans;
  • infantile cropped models.
Perhaps the only limitation concerns landing. The model on the thighs, which Britney Spears and other pop divas of the 90s have chosen, remains in fashion oblivion. Wearing a mid to high waist, enjoying the convenience and elegance of a classic style.


Since anarchy reigns in the world of fashionable denim, let’s use it to our advantage. We will choose the perfect model of jeans for your figure.

Demanding flared trousers

It is important to understand the possibilities of different interpretations of creative style. The thigh flare visually lengthens the legs and narrows the hips. Choose maria b sarees the upper part of the look carefully: with voluminous sleeves, large shoulders, and other large accents, the silhouette turns out to be overloaded. The flare from the knee looks different. This cut adds centimeters to the hips, making them more piquant and rounded. On a short figure, trousers with a wide flare require additions in the form of a platform or heel.

Universal free models

Boyfriends, mom’s jeans, straight classics without specific cut solutions are suitable for everyone. The main thing is to choose the right size. Remember, such models should sit freely. Skinny fans find it especially difficult to get used to the presence of folds and a small accordion in the knees and hips. Give yourself some freedom, you will love it. It used to be considered bad form to combine oversized top and bottom in one look. Today this rule has become obsolete. Feel free to wear relaxed loose bows and enjoy the comfort. If you want to add grace to the look, leave your ankles open, bare your wrists or the line of the shoulders.

Fatal form-fitting beauty

After a bout of dizzying popularity, skinny firmly established itself in the segment of denim classics. And although the very name of the model clearly shows a hint of a slender figure, in reality a narrow pair looks no less good on curvaceous forms. Heavyweight skinny skins accentuate curves, tighten and even slimmer when embodied in dark colors. The best choice for girls with curves is a high-waisted model that will tighten the tummy. For those who are not tall, we recommend shortened versions in combination with shoes with thick soles or heels.

Uncompromising skinny options

Perhaps the most difficult model is banana jeans. Giving extra centimeters in the hips, they mercilessly conceal centimeters of growth, making the silhouette flattened. Who would wear such a pair? It turns out that bananas look amazing on a boy’s figure, which needs to be given feminine forms. The style makes the silhouette more rounded, smoothes excessive thinness and angularity. This cut outlines the buttocks especially well. Plus another secret – tapered bananas with volume at the top visually reduce the waist, so for a “Rectangle” type figure this is just a godsend.


Classic combinations are in use, for example, a shirt for girls and boyfriends. New solutions have appeared: a pullover tucked into jeans or an evening top with mom jeans. Choose how shocking you are today. The style is important. Let’s take the same flare. What to wear with an ambiguous model? Inheriting the 70s with colorful blouses, colorful blazers and hippie tunics. To emphasize the originality of the model, a laconic turtleneck or long sleeve with a boat neckline will do. Boyfriends and trumpets are still good in combination with sports and casual things: sweatshirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts. For a tight pair, we can wear the most extravagant top: blouses with large shoulders and voluminous sweaters. Denim is now so popular that you can combine different types of it in one look. So if you are planning to buy a women’s denim suit , it may well be composite.

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