Life saving tips that help to make up for a forgotten anniversary

Life saving tips for a forgotten anniversary

Did you make a mistake of not setting a reminder and then end up forgetting your anniversary? I don’t want to say this but if your partner is someone who takes anniversaries seriously, it is a crime in a perfect world and it’s time to do some damage control. 

Even if you don’t believe in anniversaries or don’t see it as a very important day to keep in mind, it still is a magical time of a relationship because it actually keeps the record of all the happy years that you two have spent together. Even though you may not feel it, anniversaries make sure that there is a record of all the years of togetherness. That is why people celebrate this magical event in a relationship and keep it high on priority. It is a perfect time to show your bae how much you are thankful to have them in your life, how much you love and care for them. Usually, anniversaries are kept as important events in the initial years of the relationship. People celebrate it with full omp and pleasure. As the time goes, this occasion tends to lose its charm and hence, one out of the couple tends to forget it.  We start to underrate this event so much that it slips out of the mind and the fancy anniversary parties get shrunk with too casual dinner and then one fine day, you FORGET! Now once you have done the damage, all you can do is make up for it. It is better that you start now because I’m listing down some life saving tops for you. Start with something sweet like send flower online to your partner’s workplace and rest is below. 

Plan a getaway

You have forgotten an important day, so your cover up tricks should be loud enough that it makes him or her forgive you. Also, not only for the apology, but for the missed anniversary celebration, you need to plan something. I would suggest you plan a getaway. Choose a place where you two always wanted to visit, or where your story started in the first place. Taking your partner to the place where you two started dating will bring back all the memories and they will forget all the anger. You know what is the real advantage of planning a getaway? Your partner can no longer stay mad with you because he or she will have to talk to you when there is no one else to talk to or no place to run away. 

Get a tattoo

Okay, i agree this might not be the smartest idea that i have given in a while but it is totally worth it. If you can undergo the pain of needles, a tattoo is an amazing gift and an ideal make up for forgetting your anniversary. So, get a tattoo, now that something that will speak for the depth of your love for your bae. Some people say it is a crazy idea but i tell you, some couples do opt for this because a tattoo is something that stays forever just like your love for your better half. You can order flowers online to apologise to her just in case you can’t go through the pain 

Make celebration grand

So, you know it is not an easy task to comprehend for the forgotten event especially your own anniversary. Now, what you can do is gather an unexpected gathering when she is least expecting it and welcome all her dear ones in it. Be particular about making it a memorable day without leaking even a slight hint to her. When the whole arrangement is done, call her to the location and see her eyes all big. When she comes, blindfold her and take her to the place/ venue. Changes should be possible here relying upon your circumstance. When he/she sees your work in organizing everything from  gathering to decor, he/ she sure will forgive you for failing to remember it at all. However set an update on your telephone for the next anniversary else thi won’t help you everytime! An unexpected celebration is always special even if it is late.

These are some life saving tips that will help you to make up for forgetting your anniversary.

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