Truths and Realities about the Libra Birthstone

Libra Birthstone: Blue Sapphire for Dazzling Look

There is no single month around the year that is free from any event. In the same twelve months of a year has association with the birthstone. In this classification of birthstones, Libra Birthstone is defined for the dates between 23 September and 22 October of every year.

Individuals across the world wear these stones with different intentions. Some use Libra Birthstone for adornment where there are individuals that want to own the attributes of the stones in their personalities. There is also a group that is inspired from Libra Birthstone Color since the commencement of human history.

Sapphire used to have conventional meanings in various past civilizations. In middle ages, it was considered a stone having purity for spiritual training and is also safeguard from below standard thoughts.

Libra Birthstone Color and Diamond Color

According to known facts Aries Birthstone is popular among the folks because of heart touching color tones and same is with Libra Birthstone Color that also exists in dynamic colors. The people use blue color stone with high precedence. Other well known color tones are pink, red, green and yellow.  This stone is also alternative to diamond because of it attractive and charming beauty. Further, Aries Birthstone is at level 10 at Moh scale of hardness and this gemstone is at 9 Moh scale of hardness.

Origin of Libra Birthstone

Discovery of Libra Birthstone was an accident fact in 1881. It was first collected during the landslide in Kashmir. The stone explored at that time has blue color. Later on the beautiful Sapphires crystals in various colors were also came on the planet in next six years. The gems of Kashmir have accepted reputation across the world.

As time passed, gemstones in the market also belong to Sri Lanka. Out of these Libra Birthstone was unique due its charming hues. Thailand has its introduction in producing and cutting center of Sapphire.

How to Care Libra Birthstone?

As we have already explained the hardness level of Libra Birthstone that is 9 at Moh scale level. Because of this toughness in the stone with no cleavage having tendency to beak whenever struck to any other object. This characteristic of Sapphire makes it suitable stone to embed it in jewelry.

Experiments on Sapphire have shown different results. With the application of some technical treatments, Libra Birthstone can improve their color and clarity level. Application of heat to moderate level is a common practice and is well accepted in the industry. This methodology leaves permanent and desired results without destroying the natural beauty of the stone.

There are other techniques but they are less applicable. The most common are lattice diffusion, fracture filling and dyeing. But for these treatment special care and heed is the basic requirement. In some cases artificial color filling is so superficial if it is recut. Always inquire about the treatment technique of the stone before purchasing the stone.

If you want to clean your Sapphire Jewelry, we advise you to use warm soapy water. As it is safe and sound technique to keep it clean and also its luster consistent.


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