How to Make Your Living Room Ready for Summer

Summer is about to knock on the door. After its arrival, we love to stay indoors this year like the previous one. Staying indoors more time means we will have more time to find creative ideas and celebrate the season. Many of you love to get warm-weather inspiration and try to bring the vibes of vacations into your living room. If you are short on ideas on how to make your home ready for the season, this write-up is a good read for you. 

Here are some ideas that you can apply to bring a vibrant refresh into your space at home: 

Have bright colors inside 

Bright hues are great for you, especially when you are making your abode ready for summer and looking for a bold dose of decorating ideas. Going with bright colors does mean you will completely be with neon. In the decoration of your living space, you can skip springy pastels and cozy neutrals. You can go with the saturated colors that could help you bring the cheers and vibrant energy of summer inside. In the color selection, you can opt for ocean blues, sunset pinks, and minty greens. 

Make the walls look appealing

Usually, empty walls are boring and represent loneliness. As you will be indoors for more time in summers, the empty walls of your living room could make your indoor stays worthless and hamper your creativity. You should think about hanging wall arts such as murals, multi-frame paintings, and decorative plates. For having more freshness, you can go with flower paintings for the living room.  

Create an indoor garden 

Plants and trees are the ones that could make you foolproof to summer. You should design your living room in a way that could make you have a feeling of being outside, especially in the forest, even when you are inside it. For bringing the outside greenery inside, you can place a few potted plants on the floor or hang the same from your living room walls. You can move forward by placing a fiddle-leaf ficus tree inside your living space to have a welcome sight. Further, you can consider placing/hanging the pots with a philodendron or snake plant for a visual texture.

Change fabrics 

Swapping out heavy textiles/fabrics used in colder months is an easy way to bring a fresh look and make your living room ready for summer. Replace heavy cotton and blankets with breathable and light fabrics for having a feel of warm and breezy summer weather. For a gorgeous and light window treatment, you can opt for sheers. By diffusing light, they will create a soothing and soft atmosphere inside. Paired with linen, they could enhance breathability.

Keep changing your pillow and cushion covers 

In summers, we sweat a lot whether we are inside or outside when we have no power backup or we come in from the outside. Our sweat can create a bad smell, and staying indoors can be very difficult if ignored for a long time. For a better indoor staying experience, you should keep changing the covers of your pillows, cushions, bed, and the fabrics that are in direct contact with you/your family members. You should have pillow/cushion/sofa covers in blue-and-white, cherry orange, or completely white. Keep rotating the covers of different colors. 

Declutter your space 

It’s a great time to get rid of clutters to welcome summer if your living space has. Remove the things that you are not using or are useless for you from it. Organize the things that you use. Decide a space for everything in the living room and keep the things at their designated places. For a decluttered space, develop a habit of placing the thing at the place from where you take after the usage of the same. For an organized living room, you can use wall shelves, coffee tables, storage baskets, and ottomans.

Bring the vacation into your living space

Many of you don’t love going out and enjoy your vacation in summer. You can use your time to bring the vacation inside your living room. For this, you can start decorating it with the ascents of your favorite holiday destinations. Suppose that you love visiting tropical areas, and sea beaches. You can adorn your space with the scene of that place. In this regard, you can place potted plants or hang paintings with beach scenes. 


Making a space, especially a living room relates to the execution of several things. For a better summer look and feel at home, you should focus on decluttering the space and other steps mentioned above. You can do your own study to find more ideas if you consider the summer inspiration ideas mentioned above are not enough for you. Keep in mind your theme should be summer whatever you do to adorn your living space for summer.

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