How to choose an evening jumpsuit for women

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The evening jumpsuit was originally a workwear, but gradually it was transformed into an elegant wardrobe item that is not a shame to wear to a social event. The woman in the jumpsuit stands out from the rest. The product gives an elegant and noble look. Such a thing can be worn for a wedding, a party in a club, an office party, and so on. Jumpsuits emphasize the waist, make the figure slimmer. They are made from different fabrics, so they can be worn at any time of the year. Consider what overalls are and how to choose them.

Popular styles

Classic trouser models

Such products are sewn from dense fabric. They have a V-shaped or round neckline. The leg can be 7/8 or classic length, with or without arrows. Such overalls are perfect for a corporate party, a business meeting in a restaurant. If the latter, it is better to take a product with sleeves.

Wide leg

Models with wide legs add a more elegant look to the look. This style is ideal for tall girls. But if your height is small, stiletto heels will help you out. white tank top jumpsuit can be worn in a restaurant, on a date, or a social event.


Peplum jumpsuits are suitable for both a business meeting and a party. Models with a peplum on the belt look more restrained. They are great for apple girls: the peplum will shift the focus to the hips and balance the image.

With lace

Jumpsuits with lace are the most evening option. It gives the product an elegant look, and its owner – an incredibly feminine image. Lace can be on the bodice, on the sleeves, or on the back. It can bare only a small part of the body or show, as they say, almost everything. Of course, when choosing a model with lace, it is important to take into account the format of the event.

With a chiffon cape

A jumpsuit with a chiffon cape will help to create a flying and romantic look. The latter can be on the sleeves, go down from the bodice to the edge of the legs, and fasten along the waist line. Such a product looks incredibly festive. In addition, a large cape will allow you to hide problem areas, only you need to choose the right model.

With open back

Open back jumpsuits work well for summer events. The neckline can V-shaped or rectangular, decorated with straps and lace inserts. Of course, choosing such a model is worth it if there are no problems with the skin in this area.

With a complex / unusual bodice

Jumpsuits with an unusual bodice will draw attention to an attractive part of the body, and also allow you to correct the line of the shoulders. What can considered:
  • Models with one open shoulder will make the silhouette taller.
  • Crossed straps around your neck will help narrow your shoulders.
  • Models with corset V-shaped tops will accentuate the straight shoulder line for a more seductive look.
  • Straight shoulder straps balance shoulder / hip proportions.

With shorts

Models with shorts are a great option for a summer event! Without depriving the image of attractiveness, such a jumpsuit gives comfort while moving. There is no need to worry that the bottom will rise, you can calmly bend over, etc. But such a model will look good on a tanned body.

How to choose an evening jumpsuit for women: color, material


Black products most often appear in catalogs. This color is perfect for an evening dress. If you pick up quality accessories , the look will be truly elegant. For summer events, you can wear a white jumpsuit. This color looks elegant, popular this season, and the image turns out to be expensive. Blue, green, gray are also suitable for any event. Lovers of bright bows can opt for a red jumpsuit. Such a thing in itself attracts attention, and if it saturated in color, success guaranteed.


For summer, fine cotton, guipure or natural silk will be an excellent material. The latter looks the most elegant, as it flows and shimmers beautifully. For cold weather, something warmer is suitable: thick cotton, knitwear, a suit. For social events or the theater, you can wear a velvet model.

What to wear with jumpsuit

Shoes for evening jumpsuits should heeled. Sandals or pumps are ideal . It is better to take a small handbag, ideally a clutch . It can be bright, with an interesting design, or shiny, if the jumpsuit itself is of calm colors. For cold evenings, you can pick up a jacket . Its color can be contrasting – so the image will only become more interesting. But in general, a jumpsuit is a self-sufficient thing in itself, and you should not hide it under extra clothes.

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