How Tea Tree Toner Effective for the Skin?

Tea tree is a tropical climate small plant and it is typically harvested due to its oil. Tea tree oil is well-known due to its purifying and cleaning features. Besides, tea tree toner is popular for skin care as well particularly for those people who have oily skin and marks-prone skin. It doesn’t only popular to reduce blemishes but it works well for any kind of skin issues if you have.

So, the question is why tea tree oil is very special? Tea tree oil has the properties of natural purifying and apart from this, this tree doesn’t need any chemicals to kill pests. It is an essential oil that has plenty of advantages for the skin. It is the best alternative for conventional treatment.

So, tea tree oil is used for the symptoms and conditions that affect nails, hair, and skin as well. Surprisingly, you can use it as deodorant, mouthwash, and insect repellent. If you use it typically, tea tree oil can treat certain conditions to boost up the overall appearance of the skin.

If you are interested in alternative medicine, aromatherapy, or need natural-based personal skincare products, you would be familiar with the tea tree oil. It is a popular and cheap essential oil and is the best addition to hair and skincare products.

The tea tree essential oil is got through the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It is a woody shrub that has a base in Australia. The oil is yellow in color, thin, medicinal odor, with a striking camphor us. Therefore, sometimes, it is known as tree oil or melaleuca oil. Historically, this essential oil has been used for the treatment of fungal infections, skin infections, and many other wounds.

Possible Advantages of Tea Oil for The Skin

Tea tree oil is beneficial for promoting healthy skin by healing and soothing a wide range of many skin problems. But you need to use this oil with few safety measures.

  • Never apply this oil directly on the skin because it is essential to dilute this oil with another oil like olive oil, carrier oil, almond oil, and coconut oil.
  • Be careful in using this oil particularly eye area because it can lead to irritation and redness.
  • In just 1-3 drops of tea tree oil, you must add 12 drops of the carrier oil.
  • Before applying this oil on the skin, make a patch test on your skin that doesn’t show any reaction with tea tree oil.
  • Dry Skin

Tea tree oil is too effective in soothing dry skin by decreasing irritation and itching. Besides, it is more effective than butyrate and zinc oxides creams for the treatment of eczema.

When you are applying, in your moisturizing cream or carrier oil, mix few drops of tea tree oil. Now apply this mixture on your affected area once a day or apply after getting a shower.

  • Oily Skin

 Due to the antiseptic features of tea tree oil, it has a great contribution to fight with the issues of oily skin. A small study shows that people who use sunscreen with the containing ingredients of tea tree oil for 30 days, get noticeable enhancement in oiliness.

Before applying, add few drops of tea tree oil to your, sunscreen, moisturize, and toner. Besides, for the making task, you can add two drops of oil in bentonite clay. Trust me, it’s a perfect mask for you.

  • Itchy Skin

Due to the inflammatory features of tea tree oil, it is extremely helpful in relieving the uneasiness of itchy skin. It provides soothing to the skin and also helps in healing the infection that are the cause of itchy skin. 

In few study, it shows that this tea tree oil is effective in decreasing itchy eyelids. A cream with the addition of 5% drops of tea tree oil and then massage into the eyelids of patients. Most of the people find completely eliminate their itching. It is too effective for a skin-related issue if you use it carefully.

So, ad a few drops of this essential oil into your carrier oil or moisturizing cream and then apply to your skin more than thrice a day. The result will surprise you.

  • Inflammation

Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of this essential oil, it helps in relieving and soothing to irritated and painful skin. Besides, it has essential characteristics to decrease swelling and redness. Though many types of research show that tea tree oil decrease inflamed skin because of sensitive skin.

But this study used pure oil for the treatment. Keep remember, never take the risk to use pure oil on your skin, always use it in diluted form with the addition of carrier oil before applying it to your skin as well. 

Mix one drop of this essential oil in the carrier oil or any moisturizer cream and then apply this mixture on the affected skin more than thrice per day.

  • Wound Healing, Cuts, and Infections

Due to the antibacterial features of tea tree oil, it is extremely effective for wound healing. According to a study, this essential oil helps in wound healing because of bacteria. Most people who used tea tree oil with the addition of conventional treatment noticed amazing improved results rather than only conventional treatment.

To apply on your wound, mix one drop of essential oil in the ointment cream of a wound and then applied in your affected area as directed per day.

  • For the Treatment of Hair and Scalp

Tea tree oil is the best treatment for reducing dandruff because it helps to remove dead skin cells and chemicals from the scalp. With the help of this essential oil on your hairs, it helps to keep your hairs moisturized, healthy, and promote optimum growth. For getting better skin results, you can use an aloe vera cleanser for the face and get glowing skin. To apply on hairs, make a mixture of essential oil with the carrier oil and then apply it to the scalp of hairs. Let it leave in your hair for 20 minutes. After this apply shampoo to remove oil from your hairs. But massage the shampoo in your hair for few minutes before removing it. The same process can apply with the conditioner as well.

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