Easy Steps to Wash Windows like a Pro

Do you know why professional cleaners love microfiber pads and squeegees for cleaning their clients windows? They’ve got a good reason for that. People often clean their windows using only paper towels and vinegar. But honestly, it’s very much time consuming using the spray and wipe and what they get in the end. Frustration with the streaky results.

Precisely, there has to be an effective way. Let’s do this with a squeegee scrubber combination tool that actually costs a very few bucks. Besides that, you will need a bucket, microfiber cloth and some dish liquid. So let’s check out some steps to discover that How to Clean the Windows on Your Home effectively;

  • Add a few drops of dish liquid into the bucket and fill half of it with warm water.
  • We will use the microfiber scrubbing pad to wash the windows and then squeegee will be used to wipe clean and dry. If you find your rubber squeegee tends to go on you, replacements are always there.
  • Dip scrubbing pad into the mixture and wipe it over the glass in ‘S’ patterns. Don’t miss any of the corners while cleaning.
  • Next, just use the squeegee and start form top wiping from one side to another just like they do at the gas station.
  • Then, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the frames and corners clean, just to catch any of that extra moisture.
  • Now you can attach a poll to your squeegee tool to reach windows that would be out of reach. Just make sure that you buy a threaded squeegee and that you have threaded extension fall.
  • This tool can be used for indoors. Just use less water on your scrubbing tool and maybe, for good measure, place a cloth at the bottom to protect your window sills.
  • If you are sort of annoyed with the bugs or other bits on your windows, no need to carry that frustration anymore. Just use a scraper to get them off and not is pretty much it.

One Important question now! Do you know why it’s not that much useful to clean windows with the newspaper?

In case you have some serious stains in your glass windows, then it might not be easy to remove with newspaper. It’s not like it simply cannot be remove but you will need to put some extra efforts for that. Moreover, you will need to rub it really hard and use a lot of liquid solution in order to clean it properly. Precisely, if you are fine by putting in some extra hard work and your precious time to clean such hard stains, then you can use the newspaper to clean windows.

But let’s keep it simply! Why go for some time-consuming stuff when you have the better and effective alternatives that are primarily being used in the cleaning industry.

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