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Like most people I know, you either have Cable or Satellite for your TV. Without it you might be able to get a few local channels and where I live that is exactly 2 channels. That was with a rooftop TV antenna which now that we are in the 21st century they are almost extinct. When cable was finally provided in our area we got the basic channel package along with movie channels such as HBO, Showtime along with some others and all kinds of premium package channels which also came with a premium monthly bill.

To save money we dropped a couple of the movie channels only keeping the ones we really watched. After we reviewed the premium channels we decided to keep all but one. The channel lineups in the premium packages are bundled and you cannot pick and choose what you want to keep. So if there are 3 to 5 channels you do watch out of that premium package of 20 channels you have to keep the package to keep your favorite channels. Now you have to pay for channels you do not watch and your cable bill increases their rates on a yearly basis (another sore spot with me) and after taking my monthly cable bill and multiplied it times 12 months we are paying over $1,600 a year for cable. Ouch!

Once again, thank goodness for websites and search engines. I just knew there had to be something out there with today’s technology that would allow us the freedom to watch what we wanted and not pay for the garbage that we did not want. I do not like to think of myself as being cheap (although my husband says he can hear a buffalo bellow every time a nickel passes my hands) but rather an economist and a buck saved is a buck earned.

I came across Isatellitelink. You can watch over 3600 channels worldwide without cable, cable boxes or satellite dishes. Their technology allows you to watch live TV on your PC and will pick up local channels within seconds. You also get access to download full DVD movies, the stream download video recorder along with the ability to convert downloaded media to any hand held device. You get all of this for a one time low fee with no subscription or monthly fees. Isatellitelink is a sister company to Movies Capital which is considered number 1 in this industry for full movie and DVD downloads. For a limited time when you sign up with Isatellitelink you also get a Movies Capital gold membership as part of your software package. All this is available to you within minutes of signing up.

All the reviews that I read were all positive and most of the people that bought the package had dropped their satellite or cable provider. Some even canceled their memberships that provide movies through the mail and with video stores as they now get everything they want or need from one place. It is not often you can get 2 memberships for the price of 1 and is definitely an offer to jump on before it’s taken down.

If you read my review on Movies Capital you know that my husband is a movie fanatic. He signed up with Isatellitelink a few weeks ago and I have not seen much of him since. I am still debating whether this is a good thing or not! Grab this offer now, like he did, before it’s too late.

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