Your Guide to Practice Fusion EMR in 2021

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) solution used by healthcare practices to connect medical professionals, patients, and data. This ambulatory solution helps health clinics handle a variety of tasks, such as scheduling, charting, labs and imaging, medication prescribing, revenue management, and more. The vendor claims that it offers advanced functionalities to make modern healthcare accessible for everyone. Its fully integrated electronic health record management system facilitates communication between patients and providers to ensure quality healthcare. Practice Fusion Price is reasonably set at $149 per provider, per month.

This platform delivers care to more than 5 million patients each month and allows healthcare facilities to maximize revenue and improve efficiency. It offers services to multiple specialties, including cardiology, mental health, dermatology, physical therapy, and more. According to Practice Fusion EMR Review, the solution streamlines charting and lets users save time with templates and patient charts in the cloud-based EHR that adapt to a practice’s unique workflows. It is highly acclaimed for custom EHR capabilities for small and private practices. To help you decide if Practice Fusion is the right software for your practice, we will run you through its key offerings, benefits, and limitations. So, let’s start!

Key Features

  • E-Prescribing

It offers a powerful e-prescribing functionality that allows providers to order and send prescriptions, manage pharmacy communication and medical orders electronically, and take care of refill requests for any recurring medication using a two-click prescription refill tool.

  • Scheduling

With easy scheduling tools, patients can easily manage appointments online, including automated recurring appointments and automatic reminders regarding upcoming visits.

  • Charting

It comes with efficient charting tools, such as specialty-specific templates and automatic favorite lists to let physicians search for diagnosis codes by keywords and track a patient’s health data over time.

  • Patient Portal

Patient portal allows patient to access their medical information and view lab results at any time. They can also look at population health information and education materials to to better understand their medical concerns and treatment.

  • Practice Administration

Users who tested Practice Fusion Demo confirm that the platform consolidates tasks, provides custom reports, and refer patients electronically. Providers can also communicate via secure messages that use HIPAA compliant faxes or fulfill Meaningful Use standards to go paperless.

  • Labs and Imaging

It supports integration with hundreds of labs like Quest and LabCorp as well as imaging services, such as CT scan, X-ray, and ultrasound.

  • Billing and Payment

Physicians can create superbills by automatically pulling information from chart notes, while patients can easily update payment information and receive billing statements. It can also scrub claims of any errors and verify insurance providers before submission.

Key Benefits: User Reviews

Based on user reviews studied from multiple online sources, we have curated the following benefits for Practice Fusion Software:

  • It increases practice revenue without compromising on the quality of care by using automatic favorite lists and custom templates to speed up patient visits.
  • Users can get health analytics to easily recognize patient patterns and recommend treatment to ensure proper patient care. Electronic documentation of patient information makes a practice less susceptible to handwriting and legibility mistakes.
  • The vendor meets certification standards, such as Meaningful Use, HIPAA, and ONC. It continuously monitors the healthcare industry for any changes and provides automatic updates.
  • Physicians can exchange patient information throughout the treatment process by allowing them to create customized health plans, access medical history, and exchange messages with other providers using the patient portal functionality.
  • Users find it as a good fit with a free trial. It offers quick implementation with minimal disruption. Practice Fusion also provides one-on-one EHR training to help its clients customize the software to suit their unique workflows.
  • According to the Practice Fusion EMR review, it comes at a low-cost monthly fee and offers flexible licenses for the unique needs of a healthcare facility.
  • The vendor provides a user-friendly solution that lets users review, update, and retrieve patients’ medical records. In addition to this, it stores all the patient data securely in a private cloud and provides flexible documents storage options.


  • User feedback indicates some of the product limitations that include:
  • Customer support is usually not responsive and helpful.
  • The initial navigation is not very intuitive and the product offers very little customization.
  • Downtime and frequent glitches.
  • Users feel that it is hard to relearn stuff when there is an addition of new tools and features.
  • Lacks features for manipulating charts and billing.
  • Additional features, such as patient engagement, are cost extra and are through third-party partnerships.


The price for this EMR solution starts at $149 per provider per month. This also includes implementation, training, and customer support.

Support Details

Practice Fusion offers phone and email support to its customers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right EMR solution is one of the most important decisions that can affect the success of your healthcare facility. With strong security for sensitive medical data, Practice Fusion ensures strong security for sensitive medical information to provide peace of mind to clinics. Users acclaim it for its ease of accessibility and navigation. However, it has some outdated features sue to infrequent updates, while a crowded UI and glitches slow down the workflow. Customer support is not responsive as well. Balancing this out makes us conclude that the product can be a good choice for smaller independent practices. You can also learn more about Practice Fusion Price and Demo on Software Finder.

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