Top Medical EHR Software for Oncology Practices 2021

Why Your Oncology Practice Needs an EHR?

As an oncologist you have a stressful job as a physician and seeing your patients and caring for them. Add to that running a medical practice, and well, that is a recipe for burn out! This is why employing an EHR software in your medical practice is so important. Because of this feature, you are able to focus on your patients and let your practice run itself by using an EHR software specifically designed for your medical speciality.

In this piece, we will give you several great EHR options which will manage your medical practice for you! These software are some of the best in the EHR game and will help you reduce the stress that comes from managing a medical practice down to nothing as they do it all for you! From iKnowMed to PrognoCIS EMR Software, we will give you several EHR options to choose from. So keep reading!

Best EHR for Oncology Practices in 2021


The first software we want to tell you about is iKnowMed EHR which has several great features that make it a wonderful choice for an oncology practice. The software has a integration feature which lets you integrate any billing or practice management software into it so that you can use all your software in tandem and do not have to update each of them individually.

The charting feature in this software also helps you chart patient data in no time at all. The feature lets you chart patient data in no time at all due to the specialized templates it has available which are especially made for oncologists!


AdvancedMD is a very popular EHR option for several medical specializations. The first feature in this software we think would be perfect for an oncology practice is the billing feature which helps simplify your billing significantly by automating certain aspects of it. Having your billing taken care of is a big pressure off of your shoulders which is what makes this software a good choice for you.

The software also comes kitted out with a telemedicine feature which allows you to remotely see your patients through video conferencing calls. This feature is very important since as an oncologist you might  have to see patients who are otherwise unable to travel to your office or clinic due to their condition.


PrognoCIS EMR has a lot of great features which make it an ideal choice for your oncology practice. In particular, the team at PrognoCIS EMR makes sure they train you and your staff in using the software proficiently so that you can hit the ground running and waste no time trying to overcome any sort of learning curve which helps you save precious time!

Another feature in this software that you can enjoy as an oncologist is the claims filing feature. With PrognoCIS EMR’s claims filing feature you are able to automate the claims filing process significantly. This helps you get your claims accepted more often and reimbursed much sooner. And as an oncologist who does such a high pressure job, you are able to relax since claims are one less thing you need to worry about!


Epic EMR is one of the most popular medical EHR software out there. This software has a wonderful charting feature which gives you several template options to choose from. With this software you are able to choose a template which works best for you and hence be able to simplify making patient notes!

The software also has a feature which recognizes handwriting and converts it to text based documents stored on your software. So in case you prefer making handwritten notes during patient interactions, you can do so and convert them later very easily!


NueMD is the final software in our list. This software has patient onboarding features which make it very easy for you to get new patients onboard at your practice. You do not have to spend any time more than absolutely necessary on getting a new patient onboard!

The analysis and reporting feature in NueMD also helps you determine whether your revenue and expenses are doing well and helps you critically look at various aspects of your medical practice so that you can see what areas you might need to improve on!

Which EHR Should You Invest In

Hopefully you will be able to find the right software for yourself from our list above. Whether you choose PrognoCIS EHR Software or NueMD, we are sure you will have chosen the software which will be the best for you and your medical practice.

We highly recommend asking the vendor for a demo of the software before you purchase it as this will help you determine whether the software would be a good fit for you and your practice before making a commitment.


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