How To Sleep Well During The Hot Summer Season?

You may have observed that the summer season sparks positive feelings among us. It is probably because of warmer days, sunshine, and a potential vacation plan. The high heat and humidity level, intensive travel plans, increased daylight hours, and active social life impacts the heart health and sleeping schedule.

Consequently, many people complain that they face sleeping problems during the summer season without sacrificing their sleep. Here, in this article, we are going to recommend few tips that will help you to improve the sleeping pattern during the summer season:  

1. Maintain Cool Ambiance

It is quite important to stay cool during the night time, especially during the hot summer season. With the increase in temperature, the slow-wave and rapid eye movement sleep stages will significantly be affected. During the summer season, you may have observed that people wake up easily from sleep. It is so because of the high temperature of the room.

Our body needs an ideal temperature to embrace sound sleep. You should make sure that the ideal sleep temperature for the room is somewhat lower than what people consider. During the summer season, the temperature of the room reaches a higher level.

It is very important to maintain the ideal temperature inside the room during the summer season. You should consider the installation of the latest technology air conditioning Sydney in your house to keep the temperature of your home cool.

2. Choose Cooler Bedding

The type of bedding you are using right now will affect your body and ultimately affects sleep quality. Thus, it is recommended that you should strategically choose the right type of bedding. The bedding fabric affects the microclimate of your bed.

The bed’s microclimate can be described as the temperature of the bedding and around it. Various factors affect the microclimate of the bed such as room temperature, body temperature, mattress, sleepwear, and bedding as well. The fabrics that are made up of cotton will trap low heat as compared to the wool.

During the summer season, you should consider swapping your bedding, sleepwear, mattress with summer-friendly ones. If you feel excessively hot in your bed, then it will affect your sleep quality. We recommend you choose the cotton fabric for your bedding to embrace sound sleep during the summer season. By selecting the right type of sleepwear, you can stay cool and comfortable all night long.

3. Shower Before Bed

During the summer season, you should consider taking a cold shower before bedtime. It will help to cool down your body and let you stay relaxed for the whole night. People feeling warm at night time might wonder if they should take a cold shower before bed. More research is needed, but if you’re feeling too hot to sleep, taking a cold shower is worth a try to see if it works for you.

According to the research, taking a cold shower for reducing the body temperature helps you to sleep well the whole night. In addition to this, taking a cold shower during the summer season will also help in reducing the pain.

In case, mental stress is interfering with your sleep then taking a cold shower can help you. Also, keep your room cool by installing ducted air conditioning Sydney. During the winter season, you should consider taking a warm shower to improve your sleep.

4. Know About Internal Body Clock

You should be consistent with the light exposure. Our internal body clock is highly affected by light exposure. When your body is exposed to light, then it leads to reduced production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that makes our body feel sleepy.

Therefore, you should be intentional about sunlight exposure. When you want to sleep, you should turn off the lights in your room, close the door, close the curtains, and keep your room dark. Also, you should turn off the TV and keep your mobile phone away from you to restrict the exposure of light.

5. Follow A Good Bedtime Routine

Another best way to embrace sound sleep is to follow a good sleep pattern. It is very important to maintain a regular sleep schedule. You should set a fixed time for sleeping and a fixed wake-up time. Experts recommend the average sleeping time for average adults should be 7 to 8 hours. By maintaining a fixed sleeping schedule, you can have sound sleep every night.

The circadian rhythm of shift workers is negatively impacted by the circadian rhythm and it leads to sleep deprivation. According to the study, the shift workers start facing various health issues due to a bad sleeping schedule. Maintaining a consistent sleeping time is not just important for embracing sound sleep, but it is also important for good health.

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