Kareo EMR Alternatives in 2021

Kareo EMR Alternatives in 2021

About Kareo EMR 

Kareo EMR is one of the most popular EMR software on the market. The software has been used by several medical practices around the world and has captured a large portion of the North American market. The reason for its popularity can be attributed to its great features. The software has many amazing features; from a patient portal feature to billing features. However, if Kareo EMR is not the right software for you for whatever reason; it might be too expensive or something similar, then perhaps we can help you figure out which EMR software you should be investing in instead! 

In this piece we will discuss various Kareo EMR alternatives in length to help you decide what software will be right for you! So keep reading to learn more. 

Best Kareo Alternatives for 2021

AdvancedMD EMR

The first software in our list for Kareo EMR alternatives is AdvancedMD EMR which is a very popular EMR software option. This software has a great template feature which gives you a lot of options to choose from. You can even make further customizations to the template if you think it could somehow serve you better with a few other adjustments. The billing feature in AdvancedMD is also incredibly helpful in how it enables you to reduce the number of mistakes you might have otherwise made while doing billing which could lead to issues. All in all, with AdvancedMD EMR you can ensure that your patients pay their bills much sooner as well since the software keeps track of these things too! 

Sammy EMR

Another software we have in our list for Kareo EMR alternatives is Sammy EMR. This software is not as well known as the other software in this list but it definitely holds its own. The charting feature in this software helps you chart patient data much more quickly. This is because the chart is simple to use and user friendly and hence you can browse through it and add information much quicker than you might have been able to before. You can also verbally dictate your notes to the software and it converts your dictation to written notes which is a great feature and helps you save a lot of time as well! 


RXNT is another very popular EMR software. This software has a great telemedicine feature which helps you schedule virtual video conferencing appointments with your patients. So even if a patient cannot make it to your office or clinic you can see them virtually and begin treatment through the video call feature as well. The appointment scheduling feature in this software is amazing as well. It helps you schedule as many appointments in a day as possible which helps you optimize your daily schedule as well so that you are able to induct more patients into your practice. 


AthenaOne is another great software which has several wonderful features. This software has a very nice e-prescription feature which helps you to make prescriptions virtually so that your patients can pick it up from whatever pharmacy is most convenient for them. The software also has a great patient scheduling feature which helps you schedule as many patients in a day as possible. The software also sends reminders for appointments to your patients so that there is a reduction in the number of no-shows as well. 


The final software in our list for best Kareo EMR alternatives is NueMD. This software has a lot of great features as well. The claims management feature in this software helps you file your claims much more quickly so that you are able to get them reimbursed much sooner as well. The software also ensures you reduce mistakes in your claims so that they are rejected less often. The software also has a very good dashboard which you can get used to in no time at all. The reduction in the time taken to get used to the software is very important since no one likes to grapple with a steep learning curve! 

What EMR Should you Invest in?

Now that we have told you about so many software which make for wonderful Kareo EMR alternatives you are probably wondering which of these software you should be investing in. We advise that you ask the vendor for a demo of the software before you commit to it. You should also read reviews for the software online so that you know which software you should be investing in according to how much users love it!

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