Advanced MD EMR Software alternatives in 2021

What is an EMR Software? 

The term EMR stands for electronic medical records and as the name suggests has a lot to do with keeping and maintaining patient records. This software however, does a lot more than just keep patient records safe. These days EMR software are capable of taking care of everything; from billing to taking care of your daily schedules. 

Currently there are tons of EMR software on the market and some are more popular than others. If you are interested in AdvancedMD or currently use this software and are looking to switch then perhaps we can help you. In this piece we will be discussing AdvancedMD alternatives and perhaps help you choose a software that would be appropriate for you and your needs!  

Top AdvancedMD Alternatives 


The first software in our list for potential AdvancedMD alternatives is RXNT which is a great software for any medical practice. This software has a great feature that allows it to scale according to your needs and the size of your medical practice. If you have a small medical practice but plan on growing soon then this software would perhaps be perfect for you! 

RXNT also has a great feature for creating treatment plans for your patients. The software allows you to easily draw up treatment plans for yourself so that you can keep on top of your patient and their treatment. 


The next software on our list is DrChrono which is another likely contender for top EMR software. The software has a wonderful templates feature that allows you to choose from a spate of templates available with the software and even lets you make further customizations to these templates in case you are not fully satisfied with what the software has to offer. The template feature is so easy to use that it actually allows you to cut the time it would otherwise take you to fill out patient information and reduce the time it takes to get patients onboard. 


The next software on our list for AdvancedMD alternatives is athenaOne. This software has a great patient portal feature that allows you to reduce the number of administrative responsibilities on your shoulders. Using the patient portal your patients can essentially schedule their own appointments, look at their own billing and schedule and much more. This helps you save time you would have otherwise spent on small administrative tasks. This software is widely popular among its users and the reviews for it on various websites are 4 stars or more which is an incredible feat for any software! 


The next software in our list is PrognoCIS which is another very popular EHR software in the market. What gives PrognoCIS a place on our list for AdvancedMD alternatives is that this software has a great telemedicine feature. The feature allows you to have virtual video conferencing appointments with your patients so that you do not have to be present physically in the same space but can virtually connect and treat them. This makes PrognoCIS a great choice for an EHR software for your practice because of how it helps you see patients even when it wouldn’t have been physically possible otherwise. 


Kareo also deserves a place on our list for best AdvancedMD alternatives because of all the wonderful features this software in particular has. This software is deployed via cloud based services which helps you access the software from anywhere in the world. The software also has a great price which makes it pretty affordable for most medical practices. All in all, this software helps you make things much more easier to manage at your medical practice which is great for both you and your patients!

Which EMR Should you Invest in 

Now that we have told you in length about several software that would serve as great AdvancedMD alternatives you are probably confused about which one of them in particular you should even choose. We can help you figure this out but cannot make a direct recommendation to you unless we know about the particulars of your practice. 

The first thing you can do to pick a good EHR software for yourself is to read as many reviews for that software as possible since the best way to find out if a software delivers on what it promises is to read what current users think of it. 

Another tip we can give you is to make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EHR software and then compare that list of features to the features in different software. This will help you figure out whether or not a software is right for you. 

And finally, we recommend asking the vendor for a demo of the software before you commit to it so that you can see whether or not the software is right for you yourself! 

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