5 Easy to Use EMR Software for 2021

Finding an easy to use EMR is easy with our extensive list. From Aprima EHR to RXNT; we discuss them all!

What is an EMR Software?

The term EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records which more or less gives away what these software do. However, these days EHR software do much more than merely keep patient files and data safe. These software can help you schedule your appointments, communicate with patients safely and a lot more. In this piece, we will be telling you about 5 of the best EHR software to consider in case you are looking for a software which is simple to use and easy to get used to. We will cover software from Aprima EHR Software to RXNT to help you find the right software for you and your needs!

Easy to Use EMR for 2021


The first software in our list is RXNT. This software has a spate of features apart from being simple to use which make it a must have for your medical practice. The software scales to the size of your practice so if you have a small practice and plan on growing then this would be a wonderful choice for you as it can adjust to your size. Another feature which users love in this software is that it helps you make treatment plans very easily. The feature which allows you to make treatment plans is very simple to use which allows you to make them quickly without any hiccups which is incredibly important.


DrChrono is another EHR software that we want to mention and which is very popular in the medical world because of how versatile and easy to use the software is. The templates feature in this software allows you to choose from a wide variety of templates that you can then further customize to fit your needs better. When a template is of your choosing, you will easily be able to use it in a much more efficient fashion as well. A lot of user reviews specifically mention how the templates feature in this software makes it a dream to work with!

Aprima EHR

The next software in our list is Aprima EHR which again, is a very popular option among medical practices because of its easy to use features which allow you to overcome the learning curve that comes with a new software in no time at all! The software has a wonderful mobile feature which can be downloaded to your handheld devices. The mobile application for Aprima EMR translates incredibly on your handheld devices with all the features being available to you on it. With Aprima EHR your patients also get access to a patient portal which allows them to log on and enter their own data, schedule their own appointments and more. This allows you to reduce the number of responsibilities which might have otherwise been on your shoulders!


After Aprima EMR we have PrognoCIS which is another great option for an EHR software. This software has a telemedicine feature which is very easy to use and allows you to see patients virtually through video conferencing calls and thus you do not have to cancel appointments for any patients who might be far away geographically. The software also allows you to make as many appointments in a day as possible by automatically checking your schedule and leaving no minute unaccounted for!


The final software on our list is Kareo EHR which again has a spate of wonderful features you should know about. The software can also be deployed via cloud based integration which means you can use it on the go and access your software anywhere in the world. So you can access it after hours when you are not physically present at your medical practice which takes away the anxiety of approving and carrying out tasks which need to be done immediately!

Which EMR Should you Buy for your Practice

Now that we have told you about several wonderful EHR options, you are probably wondering which of these you should choose. We suggest looking at reviews for these software so that you know what their current users think about them so that you can be aware of any issues from the get go.

Another thing we recommend is asking the vendor for a demo of the software. For example, opting for an Aprima EMR demo before you go ahead and invest money by purchasing the software is a good idea. Hopefully, you will be able to make the right decision when it comes to having found the right EHR software for you and your medical practice!

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