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Gina Marie Krasley Obituary – Gina Krasley Death | Famous TikToker and TLC unscripted TV drama “My 600 lb Life” star Gina Marie Krasley, has passed on. Gina Marie Krasley kicked the bucket on Sunday at her home in Tuckerton, New Jersey. She was 30 years of age. The reason for death is hazy.

Krasley joined the ‘600-Lb. Life’ bunch in January 2020. In April 2020, she was included by TLC in a scene called, “Time Is Running Out For Gina.”

She said she’s been battling with her weight for a long haul and her life has been so difficult.

She began a pattern on TikTok by advancing the possibility that “moving has no size limit”, welcoming other larger size individuals to discover certainty by moving before others.

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