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Farmington River Missing Teens – Farmington River Missing | Two teenagers who disappeared and are assumed suffocated had been cautioned not to go into the quick Farmington River, specialists said Friday, the second day of a quest for the two young men.

“There’s consistently trust, yet the present moment, it’s anything but an inquiry and recuperation mission, lamentably,” said Keith Williams, commander of the state natural organization’s police power.

About six offices were searching for the companions, Anthony Nagore, 17, and Lucas Brewer, 15, who are accepted to have taken a dip on the Avon side of the waterway on a blistering Thursday evening. The inquiry was suspended around 3:30 p.m. Friday and will continue Saturday morning. No updates were given.

Williams and James Rio, overseer of police administrations in Avon, said a man who has lived close to the Farmington River for quite a long time told specialists he saw the youngsters went to the stream around 1 p.m. Thursday and cautioned them conditions were hazardous, yet that they proceeded in any case. The occupant said he additionally had conversed for certain other youngsters who were set out toward a dip, and that gathering had paid attention to his recommendation and left.

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