Points To Keep In Mind Before Selling An Old Gold

Points To Keep In Mind Before Selling An Old Gold. Gold for long has been the preferred asset to invest in. Indians have always saved gold in their household and utilized it in the time of crisis. In recent years, gold has become the preferred financial instrument for credit. With a lot of financial institutions, like Muthoot Gold Point, making it very easy to get good value for your gold, many people are now looking to liquidate their gold assets. Old gold sale is on the rise as the 1 gram gold rate in India is rising by leaps and bounds over the past few months.

However, the old gold sale requires some research, and certain things have to be taken into consideration. Gold jewelry rate as well as the market value of the asset is one of the many things that have to be taken into consideration before you sell gold. In this article, we will discuss the points to keep in mind before selling old gold.

Points to Keep in Mind before Selling Old Gold

1) Invoice:

Always make sure that you receive an invoice for the old gold sale. A sale without an invoice is not authentic, and you may not reclaim your gold jewelry rate in case of any discrepancy. Selling your gold to an authentic dealer will increase your chances of doing an authentic transaction and getting the invoice for the same.

2) Market Value:

Research and assess the 1 gram gold rate in India before you finally decide to sell gold. This will help you in getting the right price for your gold asset. The final value that you will get for the asset will vary depending on the extra charges levied by the gold buying company. Compare different prices being offered by the sellers and compare them with the 1 gram gold rate in India at present.

3) Purity:

The purity of gold is one of the most important aspects of a gold asset. Old gold sale is all about getting the right value for the purity of the asset. Hence, make sure to get the purity checked to get the best gold jewelry rate.

4) Where to Sell

This is the most important aspect because the seller is the one who can give you the best value for your asset. A trusted and authentic seller will value your asset and will provide you with the perfect invoice and receipt. Institutions like Muthoot Gold Point will assess the right gold price in Ahmedabad and will provide you with the capital instantly.


Gold is one of the most valued and safest assets, and liquidating it to take care of your financial needs is one of the smartest moves. If you have some idle gold sitting in your house, then you can always liquidate the same to raise some capital and use it for your next financial milestone. Make sure to take the points given above into consideration before the old gold sale.

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